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Monthly Archives: October 2023

Observe 9 symptoms that qualify as “Dementia”

Observe 9 symptoms that qualify as “Dementia“ Dementia  is a symptom of abnormal brain function in memory, thinking, reasoning, language use, and environmental perception. This causes problems in thinking, decision making, behavior and emotions changing from before. which affects living life or doing daily activities Until finally many patients Couldn’t help

Is “vermicelli” a “protein” or a “starch”?

Is “vermicelli” a “protein” or a “starch”? You already know that “  cellophane noodle” is made from “mung beans”. Since beans are a plant that stands out in terms of “protein” nutrients, many people think that has nutritional value. Just like mung beans, that is, it’s protein. But in fact Is vermicelli really