Barcelona opened the nest to beat Celta Vigo 3-1, Auba’s double.

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Barcelona were a little closer to finishing second at the Nou Camp with a 3-1 win over ten-man Celta Vigo. With Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang netting two more goals.

Barcelona, ​​who have already guaranteed space in the UEFA Champions League. Still want to win the runner-up. The offensive line is led by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Ousmane Dembele. While the visiting team Celta Vigo have Iago Aspas as their hope. 

Barcelona took the lead 1-0 in the 30th minute from a step-by-step display on Ousmane Dembele’s right flank. Before Memphis Depay’s Matias Ditu shot on the penalty spot. Ro flicks the ball at the end of his hand. but can’t take it. 

Barcelona led 2-0 in the 41st minute, Memphis Depay found the rhythm to turn the ball in front of the goal before being blocked by the away defense. But the bounce floats near Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who has flicked the shot with the left to pass the ball through the net successfully. and finished the first half at this score

The second half started 3 minutes. Barcelona escaped to 3-0 from the same Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who scored his own second goal in this game after passing the ball to Dembele to dribble on the right first. that Dembele will pay back to shoot in the penalty area decisively 

The visiting team did not give up, chasing to 3-1 in the next two minutes, Marc Andre ter Stegen had a bad ball, Thiago Gallardo picked it up on the right side before passing it to Iago Aspas. Catch and shoot in the penalty area, pushing the ball into the first post 

At 58 minutes Celta Vigo.

Celta Vigo were left with just 10 players when defender Heizon Mourillo was shown a red card for a foul on Memphis De Pai.

Then the game had to stop for a big break before going into the final half hour when Gabi and Ronald Arajo collided with each other’s heads. The back side is quite heavy and has to allow emergency vehicles to get into the field.

Barca sent the ball into the net in the 77th minute from Riki Push, but Eric Garcia, who nudged the ball into the offside position. So not the fourth door 

Then there was no goal, even after 11 minutes of injury time, resulting in the end of the game, Barcelona opened the nest to defeat Celta Vigo 3-1 in the next match, if they win again, they will definitely win the runner-up.