Barnes believes Manchester United’s acquisition of Ronaldo

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John Barnes believes Manchester United’s acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo will not mean the team will be crowned Premier League champions.

Barnes believes Manchester United's acquisition of  Ronaldo

         36-year-old footballer returns to Old trafford again A great joy for the fans, but Barnes thinks the arrival of the Portuguese national team is unlikely to lead the “Red Devils” to the Premier League title.

         “From the point of view of the son coming home, it’s wonderful,” Barnes told ufabet  “Of course they are not Cristiano Ronaldo the way Real Madrid has.”

         “But coming back is a talisman and one of the greatest players alive – not so much because he’s 36 years old and is slowly deteriorating. It was a good signing for them.”

         “How will it affect other players? They’ve seen a player who’s gone, Dan James, and we haven’t seen much of Marcus Rashford. Does that help balance the team?”

         “We don’t know, so we’ll wait and see. I think it has to do with nostalgia. Of course he is a very good player. don’t get me wrong If he pays his wages and helps the team for a year From a financial point of view, they can afford it.”

        “I don’t think it makes them any better in terms of winning the league. But there are factors that make it feel good and the fans love it. So I think Glazer will get some relief from the fans. I think it’s a good move.”