Benjamin Mendy reguarding to assault and sexual harassment

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Benjamin Mendy reguarding to assault and sexual harassment. Benjamin Mendy, left-back for Manchester City, doesn’t think the nation has to stay in prison after being accused of assault and sexual harassment. Because I always thought that I would get special protection that the lobbying club helps.

The report by the ‘ Sun ‘ sports ‘  that after age 27 years, were allegedly assaulted a third person in the past 10 months. Including the prosecution of rape as 4 set by the District Court to testify at the floor as the first match Friday.

Makes the case has not been settled kick Frenchmans are sent to remand prison H. MPO AL West-course local alumni Merseyside. Even being placed in a type 2 prison, the VIP land of celebrities found to be mixed with heavy prisoners But that gave me a good scare a lot.  

” When Maine’s up to the warden, prison officials had explained that he would be confined to the VIP. for their own safety, ” the source said.