Fred has revealed his special training

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Manchester United midfielder Fred has revealed that during the end of the season. He trained to fix his weaknesses through ineffective passes. The results were leveled up enough to make an impression on Red Army and team manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Fred has revealed his special training

The Brazilian midfielder has been criticized for unsure of passing the ball. Until the news has to be polished hard throughout the summer. Fot resulting in the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer trusting to send the real race to 4 of 5 matches in all 2021-22 season. 

Most recently, the 28-year-old midfielder revealed that he has crystallized the feedback from staff and fans to improve his performance. Personally satisfied with the overall picture that came out. 

“I am aiming to develop and train more after regular meals in terms of passing the ball. Because sometimes the game-changing point happens in the middle. That’s the specialty of the person who stands in this position.” Speaking to ‘Inside United’

Fred has revealed his special training

“As I’ve learned before, my objective is to pass the ball forward. I will always be ready to receive the ball from the centre-back. Then support the ball and put yourself in the right position to control it. Including continue looking for a beautiful ball exit.” 

“It intends to develop in that area. Because the work in that field is extremely important for the midfield players to improve. You have to elevate yourself.”

“You have to sit and reflect on yourself every day. How to develop your own work to stand better on the field, armed with passing the ball, able to change the game by yourself. Those are the things that I have to keep working on with every training meal.” 

Fred’s stats are based on the English Premier League this season, making three passes for 163 times (average 54-per-match), including one successful through-hole, four long-ball successes. 

But the matter of creating excitement, both passing the ball – losing to the final area Or a successful crossball, the record says it’s a boiled egg.