Jorginho has retaliated his playing skills

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Jorginho has retaliated his playing skills. Chelsea midfielder Jorginho has retaliated against former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand and who criticized his playing skills during his time in England.

Jorginho has retaliated his playing skills

         Back in 2019, Ferdinand criticized the Italy midfielder: “He can’t assist. He doesn’t play well. When he faces a big team he gets crushed and he’s very slow.”

         The 29-year-old has worked hard to achieve great success and regarded as one of the best midfielders in the world. Which he did not hesitate to counter the criticism.

         “At the beginning of Chelsea it made me miss it (Napoli) more than anything,” Jorginho said. “We all remember what they said, right? I’m too slow, I’m too weak. It pisses me off.”

         “But listen, they underestimated me, you know, I had a difficult start with every club I’ve played for every club, it’s unbelievable.”

         “When I went to play for Verona, no one wanted me. They sent me on loan with the 4th Division, nobody wanted me there either. But I put my head down and finally got respect. I came back to Verona and we were promoted to Serie A.”

         “I had a difficult time with Napoli as well and then Sarri came in and changed everything.”

         “So about Chelsea? Huh! I was just using criticism as fuel, I thought to myself, ‘Those people would be embarrassed.'”