Lukaku won’t compare himself to Cristiano Ronaldo

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Lukaku won’t compare himself to Cristiano Ronaldo. Chelsea’s Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku insists he is still a long way off. Before anyone compares him to Cristiano Ronaldo, the new and old striker of Manchester United. According to ufabet

Ronaldo scored 110 and 111 for the national team this week, surpassing Iran legend Ali Daei by two goals for the national team’s top scorer.

Now at 28, Lukaku has scored 66 goals for Belgium, giving him some chances to pursue Ronaldo.

“Don’t compare me to Cristiano Ronaldo, don’t,” Lukaku said.

“For me, Cristiano Ronaldo is the top three best players in football history. I wouldn’t rank him from one to three. but he is in it.”

“What he has achieved in football today for players of my generation is extraordinary.”

“I was lucky to play with him in Italy. And now he’s back in the Premier League. It’s good for English football.”

“in the rest comparison in terms of statistics And all of that is useless.”