Pochettino confident of completing Chelsea

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Pochettino confident of completing Chelsea change in time for Liverpool opener

Released 8, there will dozens more, but Mauricio Pochettino still believes that he will complete the surgery on the Chelsea team in time for the opening match. Premier League

New Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino is confident he will undergo surgery to complete his squad. will end well without procrastination And their team will be at a level that is fully ready. For kicking in a super big game, the opening match of the Premier League 2023/24 meeting with Liverpool on Sunday, August 13.

Last season, Chelsea had a constant change in managers. Until the push works do not go up as well losing is normal Especially against big teams that are almost impossible to beat, such as meeting Liverpool that always draw 0-0, home and away.

For the upcoming season, in the next few months

Chelsea will host Liverpool at Stamford Bridge. It is unclear whether the mission of selling players from the team will be completed or not. From which 8 have now been released, and there are still dozens that fall within the scope of being disposed of

“It will be very exciting. When the new season is approaching every moment There’s still a lot to do,” said the former Spurs boss, who signed a 2+1 season at Chelsea. “First we have to face the players, start the job, then the US tour.”

“We will be ready for our first game against Liverpool and it will be very exciting as we begin the new season at Stamford Bridge.”

“We’re going to play against a very good team like Liverpool. Now it’s important to do our job. We have to build relationships within the team. The past is left to be the past. Now is the time to rebuild the team.”

“What we can promise is that we will work hard and protect this shirt until the end. We will try to do everything to make football fans proud. And it shows that we really care about them. This is what we can promise.”

Those who have already been released from the Singha team now include Tiemoue Bakayoko, N’Golo Kante, Mateo Kovacic, Kai Havertz, Ruben L. Aftus-Cheek, Edouard Mendy, Kalidou Koulibaly and Mason Mount, while the arrivals have three people: Christopher Nkunku, Nicholas Jack. Son and Child 18 Diego Moreira