The king caught Karim Benzema to check for symptoms this Tuesday.

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Real Madrid are set to conduct a thorough injury investigation of Karim Benzema on Tuesday. After bouncing from the weekend game.

Karim Benzema the France football striker substitute in the 58th minute in La Liga’s narrow 2-2 draw at home to Elche on Sunday.

Marca, the media confirmed that. “White King” is quite worry about this injury of Benzema. Because in the past he play continuously for the team almost every match. Until he barely rest at the age of 34.

Real Madrid UFABET are set to bring Benzema to an MRI scan on Tuesday for a detailed look at the damage. Ready to hope for something intense. And ready to help the team in an important game in the UEFA Champions League round of 16. The first match to meet Paris Saint-Germain On Tuesday, February 15.

Real Madrid will be rest for several days during this period. And will return to action for the Copa del Rey quarter-final away to Athletic Bilbao on February 3.

Karim Benzema made his debut from 1996-2005. Playing in professional youth football in Lyon.   French youth club, then in 2004-2006 promote to professional club football in 2004-2009 with Olympique Lyon 2009. Which is the current club that is currently participating in football. The style of play is very skillful and agile and has great agility throughout playing in the forward position.

Karim Benzema join France’s national team for the first time at youth level in 2004 Under – 17 , 2004-2005 Under – 18 , 2005-2006 Under – 19 , 2006 , under 21 years old, then in 2007 he promote to the French national team for the first time.