Virgil van Dijk believes that winning the championship is still possible.

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Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk remains skeptical of the title race despite the gap between the two-digit point gap with Manchester City following the Reds’ 2-2 draw with Chelsea.

The giants defender said: “If you’re leading 2-0 you don’t want to concede a goal before half-time to get the momentum with them back into the game. It happens. Great shot. You have to give him credit. That gives them momentum. And they scored the second goal.” UFABET

“We try not to panic. And creating great moments even when we are under pressure.”

“For the outside world it would be a good game to watch. But we came here for the three points, they have an amazing team, so are we. I feel sometimes we are under pressure. but playing the game well Don’t let them have a chance to inform. I always felt we could score 3-2, but it didn’t happen.

Virgil van Dijk also spoke of Qwyane Kelleher, who came on for Alisson Becker, who tested positive for COVID-19: “I’m a huge fan of him. He’s a great goalkeeper. He’s learning from Alisson, the best in my opinion. He is confident with the ball. We, too, need him now in the face of covid cases. Unfortunately we conceded two goals.”

When asked about winning the championship The Dutch defender replied, “It was never hard to believe. It has a large gap. (Point distance) They might lose some time. but anything can happen We too were at that point. and have missed so everything is possible We have to focus on ourselves. We just have to keep the results, play well and win.”