Wayne Rooney is a huge Ramsdale fan – compared to Schmeichel.

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Wayne Rooney has revealed he is a huge fan of Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale and has compared him to former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel.

Many fans were skeptical when the Gunners paid £30million to bring Ramsdale from Sheffield United, but he proved to be the club’s number one with a brilliant performance.

Even if he just missed, causing the team to lose a goal in the last game that draws Southampton, but Wayne Rooney also praised Ramsdale’s performance and compared it to the “Red Devils” legend.

“I’m a big fan of Aaron Ramsdale, even though he missed the game against Southampton But he made some nice saves and played brilliantly.” said Rooney UFABET

“Usually with the goalkeeper. You want them to have character and express themselves. But you want him to be calm as well.”

“If you’re as commanding and assertive as Ramsdale, you have to put on a show. Because otherwise it will become a little arrogant.”

“He does that and he reminds me of Peter Schmeichel, obviously Ramsdale has to keep improving to get close to Schmeichel’s level. But overall that makes him a close ‘Great Danes’  the best I’ve ever seen.”

And he reminds me of Peter Schmeichel. Of course Ramsdale needs to keep improving to get close to Schmeichel’s level, but overall he’s the closest I’ve ever seen to Yazden.